Subtitles for Advertising and Marketing Videos

Not able to hear the voices? Don't Worry? With Wavel Studio, you can create fantastic brand videos with accurate subtitles. Now Enjoy videos in crowded places.

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Makes Your Content More Accessible

Subtitles for Hard of Hearing people are crucial to making your videos accessible and allowing the broadest possible audience to engage with your content.

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It Makes People More Likely to Watch

Studies show that 80% more people watched a video the whole way through when subtitled. Your video could be the most exciting thing on their feeds that day, but they'd never know because they needed to watch it in the break room with the sound on.

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It's Good for SEO

We all know that content is king. When you add subtitles as a separate file (usually .srt, but there are many types!) instead of burning it onto the video, it'll be indexed by search engines, which acts as another piece of content that helps your ranking.

Create Subtitles to Increase Engagement

Video is at the centre of modern businesses: whether it is to communicate with peers, present a product, or accelerate marketing strategy, it conveys immediate and engaging information. But video content could have even more impact with a specific element: readable and well-done subtitles.

Generating AI Subtitles in 3 Amazing Ways

Subtitles For Entertainment

Subtitles can be a great addition to entertainment, providing greater accessibility to people with hearing impairments and allowing viewers to better understand and enjoy content in languages they may not be fluent in. Here are some common ways subtitles are used in entertainment:

Closed captions: These are subtitles embedded in the video and can be turned on or off. They are commonly used for TV shows, movies, and online videos. Closed captions provide a text version of the audio dialogue and any relevant sound effects and background noises.

Subtitles for foreign films: These are subtitles at the bottom of the screen when watching a foreign language film. They provide a translation of the dialogue into the viewer's language.

Subtitles for music videos:  These are often used to provide the lyrics of the song being played. They can be used to help viewers sing along or understand the lyrics' meaning.

Live event subtitles: These are added to live broadcasts of events like sports games, news shows, and awards ceremonies. They can help viewers keep up with the action, particularly regarding rapid speech and commentary.
Overall, subtitles are essential for making entertainment more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.


Editing Subtitles In Video Ads 

Editing Subtitles that are attached to your Youtube video is easy. However, It is important to know that when you add Subtitles to a video ad, you are adding them to the native video and not just to the ad. That means if you decide to include the video in a new ad, the Subtitles will appear with it. If you make a change to Subtitles in a subsequent video ad, those changes will propagate across every ad that uses the video. If you would like to use specific Subtitles for each ad, you may want to consider uploading a new video and caption file for each ad. Here’s how to edit the Subtitles in your Youtube videos step-by-step: Go to your page 

In the Publishing Tools tab select Video Library .Choose the video you would like to edit, and select Edit Video . Click on Subtitles. Your Subtitles will be in the Subtitles Added tab. Click on the pencil icon to review and edit your Subtitles. You can also use Youtube to automatically generate Subtitles for your video. However, this feature only works for Subtitles in English. 

Additionally, they can be very inaccurate so you will likely need to take time to edit them. Youtube uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to generate these Subtitles. Unfortunately, it is not always the most effective way to create accurate Subtitles.


Why should Wavel Studio be preferred for Subtitles in the Entertainment, Advertisement and Media Sector ? 

Wavel Studio is a Text-To-Speech Platform where you can get the options to generate Texts in 30+ Languages. Below are the segments where Subtitles are popularly used: 

Robotics Robotic toys, robots within theme parks, robots as stunt doubles and actors alongside their human counterparts in movies. There are few areas of entertainment that robots do not touch. Just as audiences and consumers expect advances in the outward appearance of robots and the way they physically inhabit and move through their environments, they also expect their digital voices to evolve into something more expressive, natural-sounding, and humanlike. 

Digital Avatars Talking avatars inhabit our world in the form of virtual assistants and automated customer service representatives, but they also represent a form of fantasy. In video games and virtual reality, we have the opportunity to interact with humanoid avatars that stretch the boundaries of technology and communication. 

Video and Mobile Gaming Compelling audio narration is an important part of world-building in video and mobile games. Propel game content forward by issuing hints and tips through voice prompts and keep players engaged through immersive storytelling with one of Wavel Studio's’s synthetic voices. 

Gaming Consoles In addition to building audio-driven stories within electronic gaming, text to speech supports gamers with visual impairments or low literacy skills when sending or receiving messages within games. 

Audio Entertainment On the Go With our busy lives, we sometimes have no option but to consume our reading on the go or while multitasking. Wavel Studio's tools make it possible to enjoy your favorite magazine or blog away from a screen and in an environment that’s more convenient for you. 

Smart Toys With the ability to learn and alter their actions according to environment and stimuli, smart toys are not only amazing educational tools, but also interactive and full of personality with their expressive, embedded voices.